Javaroma is a third wave coffee shop

The place to nourish your senses with the rich taste, sight, and sound of true coffee rejoiced with favorite gourmet treats.

About Us

Javaroma stands for "Goodness"

Embracing goodness and extending it forward to people who work with us, to the customers who enjoys our coffee, to their circle of family and friends, to the environment and the world. The Goodness that speaks for itself as people all over the world reconnect through the JAVAROMA experience.

Our Philosophy

Inspiring Goodness

JAVAROMA believes that people need to be in touch with their inner goodness. We make sure that the inner goodness in everyone are continuously stimulated and cultivated through the beauty and goodness of people, culture, and nature.

Our Concept

Beyond Coffe Drinking Experience

Javaroma caters to a selection of speciality coffe beans, roasted, grinded, and served with passion, accompanied with indulging gourment treats. The personal connection combined with a relaxed ambiance lets you reconnect with yourself and rejoice beyond just the coffee drinking experience.


You can never forget the smell and taste of our fresh coffee.

Our love for coffee starts from its origin, roasted to its best potential. The unique characteristics and special quality coffee beans are grinded on the spot to ensure that the greatness flourish in every cup of coffee.